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Cambridge First Certificate – THE GREAT EXPERIENCE

On March 19th, 13 students of the HTL Zeltweg were heading towards Graz to take an international Cambridge exam, The First Certificate in English.
At the beginning of the third form, more than 40 pupils joined a voluntary course to train their skills for the Cambridge Certificate; about half of them continued for another semester and finally 13 of them were sitting the final exam.
Preparation for the test had to be done under difficult conditions, for as we all know, the
Covid pandemic and distance learning caused some trouble. Nevertheless, our candidates didn’t spare any effort to develop all the required skills for the exam tasks and in the end the extra work paid off – all candidates got their reward as they passed the exam. Four of them even with the best grade A.
They all demonstrated foresight knowing exactly that English is an absolute must for future technicians. A language certificate recognized internationally offers an advantage for the employability of a job applicant.
Congratulations to all of you. You did a great job!