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The Cambridge First Certificate – A great opportunity

CFC? An extra lesson next to the other classes and everything to do the First Cambridge Certificate? We all can claim that it was worth it.

The benefits of the First Cambridge Certificate are great. It’s a worldwide accepted certificate which shows your level of English and language skills. This will help you in your future career, both in your job as well as at university.

From the beginning of the course till the final exam the time in the CFC class was funny, interesting and all in all educational.

We all had mixed feeling before the exam, but it turned out that everything was fine. In the CFC course we got prepared well. We did all the necessary parts of the tests including speaking, writing, reading, listening and use of English. We spent our third year and parts of our fourth year developing the skills to sit the exam.

The examiners were very friendly, and they explained the tasks kindly. They tried to stay calm to help you feel welcome in the exam room. During the breaks chatting with the other examinees was a fun benefit as well. Not only did it speed up the waiting process, but it was also fun to exchange experiences and make social contacts.

After the exam, however, the waiting time was not over. We still had to wait a few weeks for the results. As soon as we got the final e-mail we were really relieved because all of us had passed. Looking back the exam wasn’t as bad as we had imagined it to be, and we agree that we would do it again.